Propulsion system with duck legs for paddle board




MAC DUCK is a set composed of a light frame and two paddles whose shovels are articulated like duck feet. For those who do not have a paddle yet, we also propose a TIKI FACTORY paddle, the AIRWIND 1 model, of which you will find the characteristics and prices in the How to buy page.

The frame of the MAC DUCK can be strapped to your paddle, or screwed to the mast step base if it exists. Even simpler, it can be just put down on the paddle floor, then held in place by the only weight of your body. In this case, it is wise to tie it with a cord so that you don't lose it if the paddle flips over.

Before mounting on your MAC DUCK, adjust the hardness and ease of paddling with the pin on the paddles: There are 3 positions from the easiest to the hardest. This adjusts the depth of the paddle blade in the water.

Once mounted and standing on the floor of the structure, grasp the paddle handles, if necessary adjust the handles to your height and make a back and forth movement: when you push on the paddle which propels the water backwards and by reaction your SUP forwards. When you pull, the paddle blade folds back like a duck leg and returns to the forward position without braking the speed.

For maximum efficiency, the torso and legs must be worked on. The leg pushes and the torso works in rotation to help the arm. This movement is powerful, good and muscular for the body.























MAC DUCK brings an amazing maneuverability to your paddle. Turn the paddle half a turn on the side you want to turn: the pin comes back to lock in its housing. In this configuration: one paddle will push, another will pull and you will turn on the spot. Once in the right direction, turn the paddle back in the forward direction.

To reverse, turn both paddles backwards as described above.

All this is shown on the video: "MAC DUCK : Installation, assembly, use, maneuvering" and fully explained in the instruction manual.